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Revolutionise your training by visualing your training data and managing your goals all in one place.

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Our Mission

At GeoSport, our mission is to revolutionise the way in which people train in sports and fitness. Every time someone trains in the gym or on the training field, they generate data that can be used to engage and motivate them to improve. Using the motivational potential of goal setting, we will empower our users to feel better informed and in control of their training and progress.

We also offer a Trainer Platform which allows trainers and gym personnel to interact with clients facilitating more informed decisions when designing programmes, workouts and goals. This ability to engage with a client's journey provides a bespoke service which has a massive impact on training.

Improved Results = Happy Customers.

Happy Customers = Retained Customers.


Store workout & training programmes

Store your workouts & training programme to have on hand, wherever you are.

Track and visualise training information

Interact & engage with training information which will highlight your performance and improvement over time.

Journal every aspect of your sporting & fitness journey

Document your journey to allow you to manage progress & increase motivation.

Interact with your trainer

Allow your trainer to see your progress and enjoy an improved service as they post workouts, meals, events and just general inspiration throughout your journey.



Powerful & Intuitive Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to oversee the key aspects of your sports & training performance.


Set & Manage Your Goals

Give your training purpose by setting & completing your goals.


Cross Platform

In the house or at the gym. Use GeoSport on your computer, phone or tablet.


Interact With Trainers

Trainer can make tailored & more relevant decisions on your programme & goals.

Our Team

Jonathan Willcox

Co-Founder & CEO

Jonny drives the strategic direction of GeoSport and manages the key product decisions.

He is an MSc graduate from Strathclyde University and also runs his own tennis coaching business.

Jonny was recently awarded LTA British Tennis Coach of the year 2016.

Jonny's favorite sports

Tennis, Football, Golf

Blair Wilson

Co-Founder & COO

Blair is a Sport Science graduate from University of the West of Scotland. He leads the business operations of GeoSport.

Blair has worked for and managed large sporting organisation as well as providing sports science support for performance teams.

Blair's favorite sports

Tennis, Swimming, Golf

Graeme McLean


Graeme is a Technical Architect with over 15 years experience in the IT industry building solutions for a variety of different industry verticals. He drives the technical direction of GeoSport.

Graeme graduated with a BSc from Strathclyde and is a Member of the British Computer Society

Graeme's favorite sports

Golf, Football, Running

Edward Caldwell

Software Developer

Eddie is a BSc Hons Computer Science intern from the University of Strathclyde. He is instrumental in the overall programming & design of GeoSport Software.

Eddie is a keen powerlifting enthusiast and when not at work he is in the gym working on his training programme.

Eddie's favorite sports

Powerlifting, Shinty

George Cassels

Software Developer

George is an MEng Computer & Electronic Systems intern from University of Strathclyde.

George has worked for large organisations such as JP Morgan as part of their computer science & programming internship and comes to GeoSport as computer programmer & design consultant.

George's favorite sports

Running, American football

Leon Hitzer

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Leon is a German intern. He studied at the prestigious Communication, Information and Media Technology vocational campus in Germany.

Leon is responsible for web & graphic design at GeoSport.

Leon's favorite sport

Ice Hockey

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